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                PMC脈寬同步頂升系統 - 實用型

                名稱:PMC脈寬同步頂升系統 - 實用型


                PMC系列PLC同步頂升系統是基于PLC控制技術,通過傳感器的反饋來控制升降及定位??刂七^程無需考慮重物的中心分布,適用于對大型、重載橋梁進行頂升作業,特別適用于配套 RSM/RCS 超薄型千斤頂用于更換橋梁支座。

                 PMC series PLC synchronous jacking system is based on PLC control technology, which can control the lifting and positioning by the feedback of the sensor.The control process does not need to consider the center distribution of heavy objects. It is suitable for the lifting operation of large and heavy bridge. It is especially suitable for supporting RSM/RCS super thin jacks to replace the bridge support.


                 By changing the flow of each cylinder to adjust the jacking displacement of the jack, the system maintains good position control.Through the elimination of human interference, the synchronous lifting and lifting maintain the integrity of the mechanism, improve the production efficiency, and enhance the safety of the lifting movement.

                基于 PLC 控制的同步頂升系統減少了重量分布不均和不同頂升點間負載轉移造成的折彎,扭曲和傾斜的危險。

                The synchronous jacking system based on PLC reduces the risk of bending, twisting and slanting caused by uneven weight distribution and load transfer between different jacking points.

                核心電氣控制系統采用了德國西門子 PLC 可編程控制器,結合了高性能位移傳感器和壓力傳感器檢測系統, 實現了壓力控制和位移控制控制雙重控制 , 進而保證了千斤頂的精準控制和頂升過程安全控制。

                Core electrical control system USES Germany Siemens PLC programmable controller, combined with the high-performance displacement sensor and pressure sensor test system, realized the pressure control and displacement control control dual control, thus ensures the precision of the jack and jack-up process safety control.



                Double plunger pump power system is adopted to achieve rapid leveling and heavy load leveling

                控制精度高,同步精度可以達到 0.5mm,并且同步頂升和下降都可完全控制。

                The control precision is high, the synchronous precision can reach 0.5mm, and the synchronous jacking and descending can be completely controlled.


                The product is flexible and can be controlled flexibly according to different working conditions, oil cylinder tonnage and quantity and jacking accuracy.

                每個控制點相對獨立,可對一個或幾個控制點單獨調節 , 控制點之間互不干涉。

                Each control point is relatively independent and can be adjusted independently to one or several control points without interference between the control points.

                系統采用模塊化設計,可以控制 4、8、12、16,并且可以聯機控制擴展至 99 個點。

                The system adopts modular design, which can control 4, 8, 12 and 16, and can be extended to 99 points online.


                It has data storage and recording function to facilitate the generation of reports.

                可選配變頻電機驅動 (VFDM) PLC 裝置,確保精確同步和流量控制。

                Optional variable frequency motor drive (VFDM) and PLC device to ensure accurate synchronization and flow control.


                Simple and intuitive human-computer interaction interface, easy to set parameters and operation

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